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Magic: The Gathering + 20 Bids

Enhance any deck with this collection of powerful creatures and foil land cards.

Magic: The Gathering + 20 Bids

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Enhance any deck with this collection of powerful creatures and foil land cards. 4 Booster Packs The 4 booster packs in the Magic Gift Pack help players add cards to their deck to find new experiences and new strategies. Each pack includes 1 rare card, 3 uncommon cards, 10 common cards, and one basic land card. Players can pick their favorites, add them to their deck, and battle! 5 Rare Creature Cards, Printed Here for the First Time The Gift Pack debuts five new creature cards, printed for the first time in the Magic Gift Pack: Angelic Guardian, Angler Turtle, Vengant Vampire, Immortal Phoenix, and Rampaging Brontodon. Plus, there’s a code card to unlock digital copies of all five in Magic: The Gathering Arena, available for download on the MTG Arena website. 5 Foil Land Cards For some Magic players, style points count. These five basic land cards have a special reflective finish, for those players that want to get a little flashy.

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