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Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set + 15 Bids

Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set + 15 Bids

Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set + 15 Bids
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Features & details WE TAKE BATH TIME SERIOUSLY – Seriously fun, that is. Settle in for a wonderful immersion with an original natural invention, exploding with natural essential oils, natural coconut oil and tons of fizzy fun. Our bath bombs offer a relaxing, invigorating multilayered explosion of color and scent. They also contain “Bath Sprinkles” that make the water sparkle. SUPER FUN GIFT SET OF 6 HUGE BATH BOMBS WITH TOY – this set contains 6 (six) XL bath bombs of 5oz each. They are the size of a tennis ball which is larger than most of our competitors. They each contain a gender neutral surprise toy that gets revealed when they fizz out! (Pokemon at the moment) HAND-CRAFTED WITH LOVE IN THE USA- all of our ultra lush bath bombs are unique creations made by hand in the USA. This gift set contains these 6 amazing scents: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Dreamsicle, Galaxy, Grape Soda and Gummy Bears UTILIZING ONLY THE FINEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS – our bath fizzies will leave your skin hydrated and moisturized. Our unique blend of natural essential oils and Epsom salt ensure that they are KID Safe. (Not for Children under the age of 3 – Choking Hazard) 100% NATURAL BATH BOMBS THAT WON’T STAIN YOUR TUB - benefit from a product that's entirely natural and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Fun for any age.

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